History:-  If we go through Roygunakar Bharat Chandra’s “Ananda Mangal” (Chapter 47) we came to know that Kshirgram is counted among the 51 sati piths . According to mythology ,the right great toe of Goddess Sati had been dropped here in the time of Dakshya Joggya . The goddess is named as Jogadya . The specialty of this  particular Sati pith is that the name of Kshirgram is mentioned in all of the Tantras ,i.e 1) Kujjika tantra ,2) Brihanil Tantra, 3) Gandharbha Tantra, 4)Tantrasaar, 5)Tantrachuramani, 6)Annada Mangal,7) Mahapith Nirapanam,8)Shiva Charitha. By the way Kamrup ,Nepal, Prayag, & Kshirgram (Kshirika) these four shakti piths are mentioned  in each of the above Tantras.

Besides all of these, Kshirgram is famous for another reason also. According to Ramayana, Mahi Ravan had kidnapped both of Lord Shri Ram & Lakshman and kept them in Patal. Actually Mahi Ravan was a devotee of Goddess Bhadrakali . Lord Hanuman Went to Patal and escaped from there along with Lord Ram and Lakshman by killing Mahi Ravan,during that time Lord Hanuman also took the idol of Devi Bhadrakali and set up the idol in Kshirgram. Later, Devi  Bhadrakali had been renamed as Jogadya.

Old Temple:- A large brick temple was erected in the in the middle of the village ( C-11th Century). It is surrounded with a large wall. People use to call it “ Maa-er Baari”,this temple includes  ‘Nat Mandir’, ‘Bhog Ghar’,’Bhander Ghar’ etc. But no idol of Devi Jogadya or not even a picture of Devi had been set up here. “ Kalapahar” Trayed to destroy the Temple. In the time of “Kritichand”it was restored(1760)

New Temple:- In the Year 2005, a new temple made of white marble had been erected in the middle of a pond named “Kshirdighi”. The idol of Devi Jogadya is kept underwater in this tample. During the re-excavation of Kshirdighi another ancient idol of Devi Jogadya  was found. In 31st December 2011 new temple made of Red Stones had been inaugurated and idol mentioned above was set up there. In this temple one can find Bhog Ghar ,Bhandar Ghar, Nat Mandir,and a guest house for fooding and lodgings of the tourist, and it is surrounded with a boundary wall.

Both the idols are made of “Kashti Stones” and looks like the idol of Goddess Durga. The newer idol was made by Nabin bhaskar around 180 years ago. The older idol is around 600 yrs old.

Kshireswar :- The Bhairav (Shiva) of this sati pith is named as Khireswar . This Temple is also ancient one and its height is about 30 feet and it’s a three steps temple. ‘ Kalapahar’ had tried to destroy this idol.

Location:-  Kshirgram is an ancient village under Mongalkote Police Station in the district of Bardhaman. The village is well connected by road. Its distance is around 40 Kms from Bardhaman and 20 kms from Katwa. The nearest Railway Railway station is Kaichar which is around 4 kms from here from Kolkata 165 kms.

How to reach:- You can reach Kshirgram by bus from Katwa & Burdwan. If you come by train from Howrah railway station,Kolkata. You have to get down at Kaichar railway station which is 36 km away from Burdwan and 20 km away from Katwa. Kshirgram is just 4 km away from Kaichar. You can travel by rikshaw  and bus etc.

Kshirdighi:- Kshirdighi covers an area of 13 acre. Plenty of large fishes are here. They come to brink of the pond is Pick Pices of food from the visitors. The dighi is surrounded with a beautiful garden. The place is very Pleasant.

Where to Stay:-  People from all corners throng at this sacred spot to find there salvation. Enough arrangements are made to provide their fooding and lodgings in new temple area.

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